F1 2015

Title: F1 2015
Publisher: Namco
Genre: Racing
Release Date: 7/20/15
Overview: F1 2015 is the official video game of Formula One racing, and developer Codemasters is taking the responsibility seriously. To bring gamers the most realistic-as-possible driving experience, they’ve overhauled and rethought every aspect of racing game physics. Improvements have been made from the engine and transmission to aerodynamics, fuel tanks, force feedback, and suspension – right down to the tires. With its real-life racetracks and events, this is the closest you’ll come to driving an F1 car. F1 2015 features an all-new broadcast presentation style, Championship Season Mode, Pro Season Mode, Quick Race, and Online Multiplayer. You can even use voice recognition with the Kinect or the PlayStation Camera to consult with to your engineers in the middle of a race!

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