The Golf Club: Collector’s Edition

Title: The Golf Club: Collector’s Edition
Publisher: Maximum Games
Genre: Sports
Release Date: 4/28/15
Overview: This realistic golf-simulation game lets you hit massive drives, escape exciting sand traps, and sink precise puts – while sitting on your couch. The finely tuned, intuitive control system promises a more realistic swing than old-school “power bar” golf games, and the graphics are as true-to-life as possible. You can play solo, play with friends online, or compete against saved versions of your friends’ rounds. Along with its realistic gameplay and online features, The Golf Club: Collector’s Edition offers tons of course creation options. You can craft brand-new fairways and putting greens instantly with procedurally generated golf courses, or you can use the editor to make your dream course a reality. When you’ve finished, upload your masterpiece to the world. Search through the huge collection of user-created and rated courses for never-ending fun.

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