Carrier Command: Gaea Mission

Title: Carrier Command: Gaea Mission
Publisher: Rising Star Games
Platform: Xbox 360
Genre: Strategy/Sim
Release Date: 10/4/2012
Overview: In this sprawling real-time action strategy game, the battleground is far from home and victory is far from assured. The Asian Pacific Alliance has conquered Earth with an all-out nuclear strike. The United Earth Coalition looks to respond, and the battleground is the planetoid of Taurus, a world with over 30 islands critical to the outcome of the war. Command a carrier and battle across the sea, conquering islands then fighting to control them. Set each island you conquer to mine, produce valuable resources, or wall-up for critical defense. Upgrade your weapons, deploy other types of battle vehicles, manage your fuel and ammo supplies, program remote computer-controlled strikes, and more..

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