Medal of Honor Warfighter

Title: Medal of Honor Warfighter
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Platform: PS3
Genre: Shooter
Release Date: 10/22/2012
Overview: NOTE: This game requires an EA Online Pass code to access online content. The Online Pass code is included with purchase, but not with rental of this title.

This gritty military saga not only reminds you what modern soldiers are up against, but also what they’re fighting for. Written by actual military Operatives, the story in MoH: Warfighter occurs on two fronts. Fight terror in hotspots across the globe while facing the harsh reality of a family stretched to its limits by the strains of war back home. When that family is threatened by an extremely dangerous explosive, your mission isn’t just to stop a ruthless terrorist, it’s to protect those you love the most. Join an ultra-elite Tier 1 force in a campaign inspired by real-life counter-terror strikes or choose from over a dozen highly skilled international teams to lead in competitive squad-based play.

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