Fossil Fighters: Champions

Title: Fossil Fighters: Champions
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: DS
Genre: Action Adventure
Release Date: 11/18/2011
Overview: Bone-crunching dinosaur battles are back! Dig up dinosaur bones and turn them into ferocious dino-warriors called Vivosaurs in this fight to see who is the best Fossil Fighter of them all. A fossil park has invited the world’s top Fossil Fighters to compete in a winner-takes-all tournament. Hunt for fossils, clean them, and build a team of three Vivosaurs. The better you clean your fossils, the more powerful your fighters become. Uncover Giant Fossil Rocks that contain full dinosaur skeletons and use golden fossils to turn new Super Evolver Vivosaurs into new forms. Strategically position your Vivosaurs during battle, download new Vivosaurs, and more.

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