Go Play: City Sports

Title: Go Play: City Sports
Publisher: Majesco
Platform: Wii
Genre: Family/Party
Release Date: 9/15/2009
When you’re a kid in the city, pavement is grass, the street’s your front yard, and parked cars are your picket fence. Go Play: City Sports captures the magic of playing games in the streets, using the Wii motion controls to re-create six favorite city sports. Stake your claim as king of the block in Kickball, Stickball, Jump Rope, Handball, Rooftop Hockey, and Shootout Soccer. Invite up to four friends to play on a team or go head-to-head, or explore the neighborhood in the single-player environment. The realism doesn’t stop with the motions, you’ll need to dodge obstacles like manholes, hydrants and parked cars while you play!

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