Backyard Baseball 2010

Title: Backyard Baseball 2010
Publisher: Atari
Platform: PlayStation 2
Genre: Family/Party
Release Date: 4/30/2009
Baseball’s biggest stars get little again in Backyard Baseball. The 2010 Backyard season brings more of he wacky arcade-style action that comes with full-blown stars playing at shrunk-down size! Join major leaguers like Ryan Howard, Albert Pujols, Vlad Guerrero, Ichiro, and Big Papi David Ortiz, all taking the diamond as kids. Choose from every MLB team, complete with full rosters (updated for the 2010 season), or choose an all-star squad of Backyard Kids. Controls have been retooled, making hitting, pitching, and fielding more realistic and easier than ever. Play on new fields, earn new unlockables, and enjoy new play-by-play as you step into the box and swing for the fences.

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