Major League Baseball 2K9

Title: Major League Baseball 2K9
Publisher: Take Two
Platform: PSP
Genre: Sports
Release Date: 3/24/2009
When it comes to accuracy, 2K Sports “paints the corners” as well as anyone. So get ready for the return of baseball season with more detail than ever in MLB 2K9 for PSP. The world is your ballpark with an ultra-realistic Big League experience captured in portable form. Experience True to Form Fielding, lifelike player animations, and much more. The VIP System creates a scouting report on you, tracking your hitting, pitching, fielding running, and managing styles. Sharpen your eye for spotting future stars by dipping into The Farm System and playing games with actual Triple-A teams. The action is backed by new 2K beats featuring Judas Priest, Coheed & Cambria, Ted Nugent, and other ballpark-rocking artists.

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