Buzz! Quiz Master

Title: Buzz! Quiz Master
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Platform: PSP
Genre: Family/Party
Release Date: 9/25/2008
Virtual game show host Buzz takes his wacky quiz show on the road with Buzz! Quiz Master for PSP! The nearly endless brain-busting challenge packs in more than 3000 questions in 8 categories: Music, TV, Sports, Nature, Movies, Science, Celebrities, and General Knowledge. The enhanced single-player mode features 15 different challenges that award medals and trophies based on your performance. Three new single-player modes come just for the PSP, including Quickfire Challenge, Picture This, and Virus Challenge. Three new multiplayer modes include Pass Around, where you’ll pass one PSP, Fastest Finger, which links four players, and Quiz Host, where up to six can go head-to-head.

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