Pipe Mania

Title: Pipe Mania
Publisher: Empire Interactive
Platform: PlayStation 2
Genre: Arcade/Puzzle
Release Date: 10/1/2008
Almost 20 years after the flooze began flowing, Pipemania returns in this updated take on a puzzle classic. Pipemania debuted in 1989, quickly becoming one of the most popular puzzlers. It also introduced the world to flooze, the eerily fast fluid that flows through the Pipemania pipes. The challenge is to lay down pipes and keep the flooze moving without letting it overflow. Conquer 70 levels filled with characters (helpful and not), challenges, obstacles, and different types of flooze. Choose from game modes including Arcade, Bonus, World, Multiplayer, and a complete version of the original Classic, all of which can be played alone and in co-op or head-to-head multiplayer.

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