Title: B-Boy
Publisher: South Peak Interactive
Platform: PlayStation 2
Genre: Music/Dance
Release Date: 8/6/2008
Strap on your classic Nikes and get ready to battle your way through authentic Hip-Hop Break-Dancing culture. Start as a beginning b-boy and challenge 40 of the world’s greatest break-dancers to battles. All the game’s moves were motion-captured by the experts for exceptional realism, and 12 of your competitors are real-life b-boys from all over the world, including the world-famous Red Bull Athlete “Crazy Legs,” who acts as MC and the end-of-level boss. Twenty-one different locations and 35 fully-licensed Hip-Hop and Funk tracks mean you’ll be break-dancing in style. And of course, the characters are fully customizable, with more options becoming available the more you win!

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