Crazy Frog Arcade Racer

Title: Crazy Frog Arcade Racer
Publisher: Valcon Games
Platform: PlayStation 2
Genre: Racing
Release Date: 8/31/2007
Hop into the driver’s seat as you careen around tracks set in the Crazy Frog’s universe, including cities and underground insanity. Grab zany power-ups like lots of flies and get ready to boost your way around corners and blast your opponents off the track. Play as the Frog himself or one of his many wacky friends. With 8 characters to choose from, you get to decide if you want to help Crazy Frog or defeat him at his own game! Power through 12 different tracks and three cups, join with up to three friends for multiplayer mayhem, and take on the four different multiplayer modes to keep the action jumping!

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