Crusty Demons

Title: Crusty Demons
Publisher: South Peak Interactive
Platform: Xbox
Genre: Racing
Release Date: 6/26/2006
The Crusty Demons are a biker gang who can try the most insane tricks imaginable, because they’ve sold their souls! No matter how grizzly the crash, they can always get up and walk away. Join officially licensed riders from the world famous Crusty Demons of Dirt extreme stunt riding team for 16 levels of single-player mayhem and 6 more in multiplayer. Pull off 100 insane tricks on more than 30 vehicles – including bikes, lawn mowers, and ice-cream trucks – in four modes: Story, Freeride, Devil Rush, and Multiplayer. Earn bonus points by crashing your rider, demolishing your environment, and bailing out before a failed trick.

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