Madden NFL 07

Title: Madden NFL 07
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Platform: Xbox
Genre: Sports
Release Date: 8/21/2006
Madden 06 was the year of the passer. Now it’s the ground game’s turn to dominate! Use the new Lead Blocker Control to open running lanes, then burst through them with ball-carriers who run with player-specific styles thanks to the all-new Highlight Stick. Small backs slash through defenses, bruisers run over them, while both uncork all-new cutbacks, jukes, and power moves. Franchise Mode upgrades include the NFL Draft Scouting System, a playable College All-Star Game, and a Franchise Player Roles feature. For the first time, use plays from team’s actual defensive playbooks. You can also forge a legacy in NFL Superstar: Hall of Fame Mode, play online, and much more.

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