Big Mutha Truckers 2

Title: Big Mutha Truckers 2
Publisher: THQ
Platform: Xbox
Genre: Racing
Release Date: 8/24/2005
The convoy keeps on rolling with Big Mutha Truckers 2. There’s trouble when Ma Jackson is arrested for tax evasion, and her only hope is fancy-talking lawyer Cousin Jacob. You’ll have to find six jurors and convince them of Ma’s innocence with bribes. To raise the cash, players must deliver an assortment of truck loads while smashing into enemy drivers, avoiding crooked cops, and racing over rough terrain. Choose Bobbie-Sue, Rawkus, Earl, or Cletus, and upgrade your customizable rigs as you go. Drive through obstacles to discover hidden routes and items, chat on the CB with other truckers, and listen to Willie Nelson and John Fogerty on the radio.

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