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Title: Fight-Masters: Muay Thai
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Description: I want to introduce a new FREE ONLINE FIGHT GAME. Photo realistic muaythai fighters- a lot of moves and attacks. For each character about 50 types of attacks. Very realistic animated characters. Three levels of artificial intelligence. FIGHT MASTERS is a 2D Fight game in which two martial art warriors stand in front of each other. Each warrior has to defeat his opponent. Each warrior has got an advanced combat system at their disposal. There are many different types of fighting techniques in the game such as punches with fists, elbows, knees, kicks, tricks, combinations and defensive techniques.
Instructions: Cursor Right, Left a player moves forward and backward.nThe cursor up a player jumps, the cursor down a player bends.nThe key responsible for the block protects you also against the enemys blow. nTwo buttons are responsible for Punches-one for the left hand, and the other one for the right hand.nThe same situation with legs, one key is responsible for kicking with the left leg, the other with the right.nThen there are the various keyboard combinations which give the warrior dozens of different fighting techniques.n Each fighting technique has its advantages and disadvantages.nShort-range punches are fast, but make poor damage.nLong distance kicks inflict considerable damage, but they are much slower than short blows.nOther moves are recommended in the melee, still others in fighting in the half distance.nEach player must be able to adapt to the fight.n The player has to be able to attack, but also to repel enemys attacks.nThe player can attack his opponent on all parts of the body.nStarting from the head, the body ending with the feet.
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