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Title: Min Hero – Tower of Sages
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Category: Adventure
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Description: Train and collect over 100 minions as you fight to prove yourself in the Tower of Sages. Thousands apply to train at the Tower of Sages. Only a few are ever chosen for training. But all dream to be a Grand Sage... This is the story of one who was chosen. Minhero: Tower of Sages is a monster battle RPG that focuses on combat. Players will need to carefully build their team to become a Grand Sage. Over 100 minions to collect! Each minion has it's own talent tree! Minions can be tanks, healers, debuffers, or pure damage units. 4 unique zones to explore! (Plant, Fire, Electric, and Undead) Hard mode that offers hours and hours of extra gameplay! Add and combine gems to make your minions even more powerful!
Instructions: -Arrows or ASWD to move n-Spacebar to interact with object
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